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  1. Q: What is the general premise of weighted voting? A: All US citizens that are currently allowed to vote will continue to be afforded that right. However, should an individual take a proficiency exam and perform well on it, their vote will count more than the default value.

  2.  Q: What topics does the proficiency exam measure? A: Questions primarily relate to politically relevant civics, economics, and other general knowledge necessary to make an informed decision on a given topic.

  3. Q: Can you provide an example? A: Assume that the question at hand is, “Should the US build a wall along the entirety of the southern border?”. To make an informed decision, an individual would need to have some sense of the expected cost, timeline, efficacy in preventing illegal border crossings, and expected results. In turn, knowing the expected results would require an understanding of annual immigration needs, relative crime statistics of illegal aliens versus the general population, how most illegal drugs currently cross the border, and other related topics.

  4. Q: What are some of the expected outcomes? A: It would almost certainly be extremely profound. Refer to the “premise” section for a partial listing of likely high-level outcomes.

  5. Q: Have you considered the moral implications? For example, would such a process discriminate against less informed voters, the impoverished, or the mentally challenged? A: The book addresses this issue in detail. It considers myriad factors that could disadvantage a person or group, the requisite effort necessary to overcome any such disadvantages, and the likely results.

  6. Q: What motivated you to champion this cause? A: The book goes into much greater detail, but it was a combination of some life-changing experiences and relatively recent world events. The personal side includes realizations from a cycling accident that left me paralyzed and my wife becoming a Qanon conspiracy adherent. I am naturally a private person, but determined that I should share these personal stories because it provides relevant background and perspective.

  7. Q: What are you hoping to accomplish from this website, book, podcasts, and affiliated nonprofit organization? A: The ultimate goal is a constitutional amendment that results in a weighted voting mechanism. To get there, we need a carefully choreographed plan, awareness, and advocacy. In general, I’m trying to motivate others to also take up the cause.

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