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This website advocates for a weighted voting mechanism, based on politically relevant civics and economics knowledge. The premise could apply to national, state, and local elections. Some of the expected outcomes include:

  1. The public would be incentivized to better understand policy. That has value unto itself, regardless of downstream political implications.

  2. Politicians would become much more accountable to the electorate and less beholden to special interests.

  3. There are aspects that would appeal to both parties.

  4. Incentivizes the electorate’s ability to differentiate fact from fiction, which would provide a disincentive to conspiracy theories and fear-mongering news outlets.

  5. The Republican Party currently has no viable path forward, other than authoritarian anti-intellectual populism. This premise provides a viable alternative.

  6. Obviates the need for the electoral college.

  7. One can make a compelling case that this makes much more sense than the Constitution allowing elected officials to set aside votes of the general electorate.

  8. Lots of policies are either extremely popular or would be if the public becomes sufficiently incentivized to understand them better, but politicians benefit from maintaining the status quo. Weighted voting would change the math. Examples include ranked choice voting, meaningful campaign-finance reform, and various healthcare reforms.

  9. The two dominant political parties would become more similar (consistent with game theory). This would be a positive outcome, in that we would have more consistency when moving from one administration to the next.

I have a forthcoming book, Educate the Inmates- Rewarding knowledge in the voting process, which addresses these issues in detail. It also discusses ethical considerations, which issues are most relevant, and will the weighting system should be structured.

My goal is to promote awareness and get people involved. Refer to the FAQ and Contact Us sections for additional information.

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